The chemical sector is quite dissimilar in terms of the products that it delivers throughout the world. We focuses on organic & inorganic dyes intermediates and chemicals.

The manufacturing unit i.e. the factory area is a whopping 20000 sqft. The huge amount of space available provides grounds for a great degree of future development in infrastructural facilities as well as new product development. This large capacity is coupled with other facilities which provide a kick to the overall production.

The facilities include transportation from and to the factory location; safety of our staff and the manufactured product from any kind of damage that may erode the quality of the product. We also conduct regular quality checks to review and enforce the specific quality standards prescribed for any product within the factory. The features of infrastructure also highlight the tremendous amount of flexibility in current and future operations.

Another point to highlight is the location of the factory. The factory is located in close proximity to the major ports and linked to one of the most influential city of India, Mumbai.